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Small Town Football in December

This week, I had the wonderful opportunity to capture Hawley's win against Cisco in the 2A D1 Regional round of Playoffs. It was also my first time getting to work in ACU's Football Stadium, which was an experience in itself.


To be quite frank, I don't even know where to begin. Hawley's game against Cisco at ACU was spectacular. The stands were packed like it was a college game and the energy was on point. This is my fifth game to cover for Hawley and the energy has been high every time, but this time was better than ever.

The Bearcats defeated the Loboes with 40-7 on the board. Starting with this game, I have started recording on my phone (mounted on top of my camera) to capture more behind-the-scenes content. I usually don't get as many candid moments as I do action shots, but I managed to snap quite a few this time around. From the proud mommas shaking their shakers to the student section beating on the 50-gallon steel drums painted to say "HHS", the candid moments were pure as ever. Some of these candids can be found on the Brenem Productions Facebook and Instagram. A big highlight of my night was running into Eric Bruntmyer, Hardin-Simmons University's President. It was great to see people from all over (not just Hawley), filling the stands to support the Bearcats. Enjoy the brief video below to follow me through my day covering this amazing game day.

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