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Back to Jerry's World!

I'm back at it again with the Bearcats' playoff journey! This time in Mineral Wells, Texas.


2A Division I Semifinal Game Victory

This is the first game I had gotten to the game two hours early when I usually only get to most an hour early.

I am so glad I did because, by the time I got there, the whole Hawley community was already there anxiously waiting to get in to find a good spot. The stands were just as packed as they were at ACU! The plays from this game were awesome to witness from the sidelines (some of them from the endzone even!) This time around, I was on my game with capturing more crazy catching shots, some of them leading to some amazing touchdowns. The Bearcats took the victory with 34 points over Crawford's 20. Going into this game, I was expecting to witness a very close game because of the records on both the Hawley and Crawford side (both being 14-0) and it was a close one. This has been an exciting season to have the opportunity to capture. While I am unable to capture it, I am beyond excited to watch them play against Refugio at AT&T Stadium this Thursday in the state championship!

Make sure to check out the Brenem Productions Instagram for the best highlights of the Semifinal game!



I just wanted to take a second and congratulate the 10 Merkel High seniors who graduated this Saturday! I had the opportunity to capture their ceremony thanks to one of the graduates being my brother's best friend. Congratulations and I wish all of you the best of luck in this new chapter!


Holiday Notice

Brenem Productions will be closed for booking from Monday, December 12th through Monday, January 2nd. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

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