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All-Day Sports: From AT&T Stadium to Small Town Playoffs

550 miles and 8 hours of driving later, this photographer is exhausted! I drove to Arlington to cover some of the Dallas Red Zone games at AT&T Stadium and drove 4 hours in the opposite direction to San Angelo to cover Hawley's Regional Semifinal game against Sonora.


Dallas Red Zone Games

I honestly don't even know where to begin with the Dallas Red Zone games. I am incredibly grateful to have been able to shoot straight from the sidelines at AT&T Stadium! It was not only a

great experience for me but it was an even better experience for all of the kids that got to play on NFL turf! The Red Zone games are 15-minute games that give youth football and cheer teams from all over the state a chance to play and perform in AT&T Stadium.


2A D1 Regional Semifinal Game

After Red Zone, I made the four-hour long haul to San Angelo to capture a game I could not miss.

This game was Hawley's 2A D1 Regional Semifinal game against Sonora. This was a fantastic game to cover with perfectly executed plays. Hawley ended the game with the Regional Semifinal title scoring 57 points over Sonora's 26 points. My favorite part of covering these games for Hawley is the energy their community brings to the stands. It really makes covering the games a fun environment to work in.


Extended Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

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Seniors and Senior Parents! Be on the lookout for a Cyber Monday special at 8 AM tomorrow! (11/28)

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