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Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Read more below for my story!

My Story

My name is Jacob Brenem, owner and founder of Brenem Productions. I have a passion for media production and photography. When it comes to the creative industry, I have almost  7 years of experience.  This passion took off, even more, when I started creating content with the Media Services Team at Hardin-Simmons University. Through this amazing job opportunity, I have finally found my calling to fully pursue content creation. I look forward to many more years of creativity and look forward to serving you as a client!

Mission Statement

Photography is much more than telling someone to smile for the camera. My mission is to go above and beyond that. The true purpose of content creation is to not only create memories that will last forever but to also allow the viewer to see that content and relive those moments like they were yesterday. My promise to you is to not only create dynamic content but tell an amazing story while doing it!

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